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Universal input voltage 277V (up to 300VAC)
Adopt active PFC function
Protection, Short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature
IP33 grade, suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
Application: LED Lighting

No-load voltage(MAX) 49VDC
Output current(Typ) 1.65A
Output power(MAX) 77W
Ripple & Noise 8000mV (ripple and noise measurement method: a 0.52 mm twisted pair wire is used, and the terminal should parallel the capacitance of 0.1 uf and 47 uf bandwidth measurement.)
Output voltage range 30 ~ 432DC
Transfer efficiency(Typ) ≥ 91.5%
Current Error(MAX) ±3%
Line regulation ±3%
Load regulation ±3%
Setup, rise time ≤500ms, ≤1000ms (full load) 230VAC / 115AC
Hold up time 10ms Full load 230VAC / 115VAC
Voltage range 100 ~ 300VAC
Frequency range 47 ~ 63Hz
PFC (Typ) PF>0.98 230VAC full load
Total Harmonic distortion < 15%(Standard for Load Lamps)
AC current 1.1A / 115VAC, 0.6A / 230VAC, 0.45A / 277VAC
Surge Current Cold start < 80A / 230VAC
Leakage current < 0.75MA / 277VAC
Over-current 100%
Over-voltage Protection mode: the VF value of the LED module of the load exceeds the normal range of use LED flashes
Short-circuit Protection mode: hiccup, short circuit can be recovered after removal
Over-temperature 145°C ±10°C, Turn-on
Working-temperature −40 ~ 45°C
Working humidity 40-95%RH, No condensation
Storage temperature, humidity −40 ~ 80°C, 10-95%RH
Maximum temperature rise 60°C Airless open environment, shell maximum temperature point
Vibration resistance 10-500HZ, 5G 12 minutes/cycle, 72 minutes each for X,Y,Z axis
Safety standard
Withstand voltage Input-Output : 3.75KVAC
Insulation Impedance Input-Output : 100M Ohms / 500VDC / 25°C / 70%RH
Safety code EN 61347-1 : 2008+A1 : 2011+A2 : 2013, EN 61347-2-13 : 2006, EN 62493 : 2010
Wire code
Electronic wire Input 2 × 0.52, output 2 × 0.52

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